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Winter Maintenance

Cooler weather is here and, with the dropping temperatures, it is now the time to start winterizing your pool.  Winterization essentially is the process of closing your pool in preparation for the cooler temperatures.  Taking the time and making the investment to properly winterize your pool not only will save you time in the long run as the holidays begin approaching but also save you money.  By winterizing your pool with Bayside Pool Co., we take the time to inspect your pool, clean out any debris, test and balance adding the proper chemicals for closing, and lastly, install the cover.  Let us help you close your pool today!

For pool owners who either have a mesh (allows water/light to penetrate through) cover or no cover at all, it is important to also schedule routine winter maintenance visits to stop the spread of algae, ensure it is balanced, and confirm proper water levels.  By maintaining your pool over the winter with Bayside Pool Co., your pool will not be "swampy" green in the spring, cause more wear and tear to your equipment, nor take as long to reopen when the temperatures warm up. 

Schedule your 2020 Pool Closing and Winter Maintenance now!


It is best to schedule your pool's closing between September - November.

Winter Maintenance

Bi-monthly or monthly visits will ensure your pool is in tip-top shape for 2021!

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